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As a Cavs fan, I would love to see LeBron, Shaq, Mo, and the rest of Cleveland celebrate when Cleveland wins the Championship this year. I make this bold prediction. I do not think the Lakers will make the Finals. If they do, then I am obviously wrong. I am biased, I will not lie. But I think the Cavs are just too good. After a dominating win over Boston last night, the Cavs are looking better than ever. There is one problem: Orlando. The Magic haven't lost in a month. They are flying high. If they beat the Cavs, they will win the Finals. In short, the East wins the NBA. LeBron is hurting, though, we will see how that progresses.
Posted on: May 5, 2010 9:41 am

2 Recent Developements

First off: The Bengal's NEWLY SIGNED receiver Maurice Purify was arrested in Kentucky--- What the heck?!? He is NOT exactly helping himself or his team pulling this crap...<br />Subject 2: Brett Favre told a fellow player that he is "100% sure (he) will never wear football pads again." I am not sure I believe it... I will trust it when he isn't on a team anymore. I'm assuming it is his ankle. This is pretty big, as Brett Favre is one of the best QBs ever.

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Why I Hated The Brown's Draft

Look, I'm going to come straight out and say I hate the Browns. But still,how could they do this to their fans?!? First, they pass up on Jimmy Clausen, then take Colt McCoy. McCoy is good, but now the have announced he is sitting for a year. The Browns are in for another terrible year with Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace at quarterback. I would have liked to see them put up some competition on my Bengals, but that isn't going to happen for another year or two. They needed new receivers, they didn't get those either. To me, simply pathetic. As usual.

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The Bengals of 2010, pre-2nd Free Agency Period

The Bengals now have an excellent receiving threat with Bryant, Ochocinco, and Shipley becoming deep threats. Thomas, Caldwell, Simpson, and of course Gresham provide quick passing threats. I enjoyed the Bengal's draft due to one particular pick: Otis Hudson. The pick of the RG from Eastern Illinios in the 5th round was a shock to many, with Bobbie Williams signing a contract extension... But if you need to improve an O-line, and the draft serves you a 6-5, 312 pound beast? This guy is huge... The pick of Florida's Carlos Dunlap came as a bit of a surprise to me, I would have like to see Mardy Gilyard taken there, Dunlap has had some legal issues in the past... What is it with the Bengals and taking guys with legal issues?  I know I was just talking about how the Bengals couldn't pass up on a huge guy, but I hated the pick of Reggie Stevens, C, Iowa State. A beast at 6-3, 333 pounds, Stevens would be the ideal pick in the 7th round... If the Bengals hadn't needed a Safety. To me the perfect pick here would be Kurt Coleman, SS, Ohio State. I am an Ohio State and Bengal fan, so I would have loved to see these two hook up, but it's a fan thing. Obviously, the majority of people in Ohio are Ohio State fans. Therefore, more people may come to see your games if you have a former star player and you play in Ohio. Coleman is a hard hitter and great catcher, and Oakland was lucky to get him. 

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